The AI Factory is an Amsterdam-based company with the sole employee being the AI specialist Maarten Sukel which helps organizations rapidly advance in the realms of data science and artificial intelligence.

The technological possibilities of AI are limitless: The AI Factory is driven by the vision to use AI for a brighter future. Our offerings span a broad spectrum, from delivering inspiring talks and training on AI trends to managing, building a strategizing AI and machine learning endeavors from inception to implementation. With a keen eye on the evolving AI regulatory environment, we lay emphasis on adherence to both current and impending AI guidelines. Thanks to a lot of expertise, The AI Factory can help with optimizing a wide range of machine learning models whilst also charting out strategic plans for data science teams and projects.

The AI Factory revolves around creating lasting impact. From machine learning software to interface, and from training to strategy: by doing all this well, you make an impact with AI, and I’m happy to help with that!

What Do I Offer?

AI product development

From starting new AI projects to upgrading and productionizing existing models: I offer fresh perspectives and hands-on assistance to elevate your AI and machine learning endeavors to the next level.

From improving search engines to forecasting with deep learning, and from generative AI to computer vision: The AI Factory can help with all solutions and build them in a way they make lasting impact.

AI strategies

A solid AI strategy is crucial for making a real impat with AI by making the right decisions and picking the correct focus. This will help scaling Ai within your organisation efficiently. By optimizing workflows and training existing staff, we can work towards seamless collaboration with AI and talent retention together.

With a strong technical background and extensive experience, The AI Factory helps companies develop human-centered AI strategies. We focus on maximizing impact and delivering value, empowering your staff to create technology that enhances their work.

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